Dr. Schut visiting David de Vinatea in prison

De Vinatea, a decorated colonel in the Peruvian army and member of the Christian and Missionary Alliance church, was serving a prison sentence for crimes he claims he did not commit.

SALT, as the leading member of a coalition of international Christian organizations, interceded on De Vinatea’s behalf to seek justice.


“…but he had to stay there. Terrible.”

It was believed that the police never carried out a thorough investigation or obtained witness testimonies against fabricated charges.
These charges resulted in the courts to sentence David de Vinatea to sixteen years prison, ending November 19, 2011.

Due to the coalition’s intervention and bi-literal discussions between SALT’s vice-president and the Colombian minister of Justice, David de Vinatea’s sentence was commited and he was released from Lima’s Lurigancho prison on November 19, 2003.