The Project Strategy

Phase 1: Research

A survey is conducted, after research, of the local level to assess the needs of a particular area.

Phase 2

Based on the survey areas are chosen in which to start this programme. Each area will have four centers to begin with. The centers are run under the auspices of the Diocese, but IBADAT directly supervises the running of these centers.

Phase 3: Implementation

The courses used are divided into three stages.

  • A primary stage which covers a basic introduction to letters, recognition of words and their union and making simple sentences.
  • A secondary stage during which basic reading and writing skills are imparted.
  • A tertiary stage covering the reading of Biblical stories and other material.

These three stages are covered in a total period of six months.

Phase 4: Assessment

Through written report of teachers and personal visits by the supervisor the following areas are assessed:

  1. Actual progress of the students in their study
  2. Utilization of books and other resources
  3. Performance of teachers and other related staff
  4. Generations of interest in others who are still not a part of this programme.

These regular assessments are also qualified by written and verbal tests that have been devised by our staff to test the true achievements of the students.

Apart from the involvement of staff with students, our team members also lead Bible studies and impart Christian teaching to them.