Sewing and Tailoring and Needlecraft classes for women

The Women’s Vocational Training Programme was begun to meet the need to train women in sewing skills. It was hoped that they would use their training to augment their income and save money by sewing clothes for themselves and their families.

To date hundreds of girls have been trained at the different centers situated in and around Lahore.


Opening of women’s center for IBADAT by Dr. Evert Schut (SALT)

Advanced Training has been given to other women. It is from these trained women that IBADAT recruited their staff. Three of them work in the office and four of them teach at the centers. Supervisors demand high standards from the trainees, accepting nothing less than the best from them. During the years many girls have been given “in-house” training at the main center. In effect these girls already had some skills but needed further training to hone those skills to an acceptable standard.

There is no lack of opportunities for employment in garment factories, so the women are trained in cutting and sewing skills. IBADAT hopes to give them diplomas at the end of their training to enable them to work in factories and improve their income and as a result their standard of living.

This work is bringing an increasing awareness of the number of single mothers in the society, women who are kidnapped and taken away under the pretext of finding jobs for them and then being sold into prostitution.