Welcome to the website of SALT Foundation

SALT Foundation is a foundation based in The Netherlands with the objectives to develop socio-economic projects and the involvement in conflict resolution and advocacy. In the field of establishing socio-economic projects the following programs, with a participatory character, have been developed: Literacy projects, Integrated Sanitation & Farming Systems, Vocational Training Program and Restoration Center.

SALT Foundation, so far, has been mainly active in Latin America (Colombia) and on the Sub-Continental (Pakistan). In the field of conflict resolution SALT Foundation has been involved in Colombia, Kashmir and Nigeria.In relation with Advocacy SALT Foundation has been involved in Peru.

President: Dr. Anne van der Bijl Litt. D.
Vice-President: Dr. Evert J. Schut Ph. D.


Salt Foundation
P.O. Box 317
3840 AH Harderwijk
The Netherlands

+31 341 722088